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Caulking: Sealing Log Joints With "Putty-Lastic"

   As you know your log home is made of a natural product (wood) that goes through dimensional changes during the wet and dry, hot and cold cycles caused by the weather. Movement will occur, and it is vital in a log home that the best suited sealant materials are used to provide the tightest seal possible.

   Puttylastic log home caulk is a product that possesses characteristics unique to caulking compounds, and is ideally suited as a construction caulk for log home, because of its versatility, longevity, and sealing performance. We apply Puttylastic to all horizontal and vertical joints, including doors, windows, snow block and areas where the log meets the roof decking. Puttylastic is a “Soft Seal” that expands and contracts with the movement of the logs and retains its flexibility years after its application.

   Application of caulking normally lowers your fuel bill, aids in preventing flies and insects from becoming a problem and keeps water from penetrating and staining or damaging inside walls and becoming trapped on or in log joints or severe checks, and thereby beginning the slow process of rot, sometimes an 8 to 10 year process.

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"Puttylastic" Caulking


Puttylastic was discontinued in 2017. We are hopeful that the company will begin making it again in 2020. You can call or email to be added to waiting list. Although there are other caulking products out there, none is equivalent to this!