Log Home Maintenance

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Corn-Cob BlastinG: BLASTER-Buddy Finish Removal System

   If you have a solid finish or paint that has been applied to your log home and you want to get it back to bare wood, the Blaster-Buddy finish removing system is the easiest and safest method of removing old finishes from your log home. Your home will be clean, dry and ready to apply beautiful new coats of stains and finishes.

Key Features:• Environmentally friendly
• No water is used - no water gets into your walls
• No caustic strippers and no chemicals
• Clean up is simple - residual materials are bio-degradable
• Once blasting is completed, you are ready to apply a preservative or stain

   The abrasive media used by the Blaster-Buddy is specially sized corncob grit. The low mass and high velocity of the grit striking the surface removes the finish with minimum damage to the wood. The Corncob Blast Media comes in two sizes, fine for most stain removal jobs and medium for difficult jobs. Both sizes are available in 40-pound bags.

   One bag will typically clean about 75 to 200 square feet of surface area depending on the condition of the finish to be removed, age of the wood and wood characteristics.