Log Home Maintenance

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Introduction: The Importance of Continued Log Home Care

   Most people who purchase or build log homes want them to look just like they did when they were first built. Unfortunately, this will not happen without continued maintenance. The amount of maintenance will be directly related to the type of finish applied. Many products out there, even though advertised as made for log homes, sit on the wood and eventually breakdown by peeling and flaking.

   As a company, we have found a sensible approach and practical cost effective means of protecting your investment. Unfinished logs are subject to weathering (sunlight and rain), and fungi that attack wood surfaces causing mold and mildew. The finish applied should protect against all these elements to be successful. It must be a penetrating finish that contains a pigment if you want to prevent the wood from graying. Clear finishes will not prevent graying.

   Weathering tests conducted by the Texas Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory show that most wood stains, water repellants and preservatives last only 7-18 months before mildew or weathering begins. Most log home owners report their disappointment in finishes they have tried. Most indicate that they are refinishing every 1-3 years to maintain the original wood color. That’s no fun!

   One product tested in Texas and St. Louis MO, has shown excellent results in controlling both weathering and mildew.  It is TWP (Total Wood Preservative).  TWP is a biocide containing a fungicide, mildewcide, pigment, resin, ultraviolet light reflector and water repellant. The expected life is five years, probably longer in sheltered locations.  The St.Louis test showed five years even when applied to a new cedar shingle roof. TWP is the answer to maintaining the natural wood look.  It is a semi-transparent oil based stain.

   In all cases, we recommend a 50/50 mix of household bleach and water to wash down and rinse off dirt, mold, glaze and just as importantly, the graying that often occurs.  This step should be followed by power washing and thorough rinsing of the entire structure. This will prepare the home for the next step, staining.

Now that you have the basics, here are your options:

Hire Our Services

We have been taking care of log homes all around New England for the past 30 years.

Bleaching and Pressure Washing will range from $1,200.00 to $1,800.00, and sometimes a little more. It depends on the size of the project, the status of the current finish, if there is a high percentage of black that will require more attention.

TWP stain application will range from $2,500.00 to $4,200.00 in most cases. Again, this is mostly dependent on the size of the project.

A 40% deposit will add you to the schedule.

Free Pressure Washing & Staining Estimate

Do It Yourself

We are a supplier of Total Wood Preservative (TWP) for those who wish to do the job themselves.

5 Gallon ... $200.00       1 Gallon ... $40.00


TWP 501 Cedartone 1501 Cedartone

TWP 515 Light Cedar 1515 Honeytone

(formerly Light Cedar)

TWP Pecan 1520 Pecan

TWP 530 Dark Oak 1503 Dark Oak

more color choices available