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Backer rod: "Mile High Foam"

Backer rod...
• is a closed cell polyethylene backer rod serving as a backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants when joints spaces are extreme we also use it on the inside to create a visual barrier to the exterior caulking, as well as create a dead air space to increase the energy efficiency of the home controls the depth and amount of sealant required.
• is continuous lengths of flexible, round, closed cell polyethylene.
• is black in color.
• is chemically inert, resists oil, gasoline and most solvents.
• is odorless and will not stain.
• is easily inserted into the log space using a butter knife or putty knife.

Price List
We work with a baker rod maunfacturer
called "Mile High Foam".

3/8" - $0.10/lineal foot

5/8" - $0.15/lineal foot

7/8" - $0.20/lineal foot